FREE PENS– even in today’s world of advanced technology, having pens are still important, and nothing is more exciting than getting them for free. Every body loves free stuff especially pens and most companies are more than happy to give them out if it means a cheap way to advertise and get more exposure for them.

Hello everyone, my name is JEN, I’m a big collector of these wonderful writing tools, and ever since I was in grade school, the only way I could think of trying to fit in with all the cool kids was to have extra pens that were unique to lend out whenever someone needed one. It got to the point where everyone wanted to borrow pens from me. It always made for a great conversation piece and helped me to achieve making more friends. So since then, I’ve been fascinated with collecting them and it’s become a hobby of mine.

Because of my fascination with pens I’ve scoured the internet looking for free pens and compiled the list here. So, please feel free to browse and through the list and hopefully you too will be able to get these free pens.

Also, I should mention that since the new laws began with certain “companies” not being allowed to distribute free pens advertising their companies, they’ve been very difficult to come by. But, there’s a little known fact that you can still contact these “companies” through various channels and still obtain these, most often very cool, pens. And so, through my findings of free pens, I hope to bring a smile, or perhaps a new friend, or even something creative to paper into someone’s life 🙂

Available free pens